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We need your help!

At the Hacktory it is our mission to provide the maker / hacker community in Philadelphia with access to tools and physical space to build, collaborate, and gather.

We are in desperate need of money! Long story short: If we are going to survive the next couple months we will have to rely on your donations, no matter how small. Many small donations can make a big difference. And if you have the means to make a larger donation, that of course is a big help too. We have a very reachable goal of $3000, but we need your support.

Donate! $250  $150  $75  $45  $25  $15  or another amount

We are a 501(c)3! Donations are tax-deductible!

Recently, we have been trying to move away from living grant to grant. This means making sure that the recurring monthly membership fees and donations at the very least match what we spend monthly on necessary expenses. To do this we have been asking our consistent members if they can commit to a year of membership so that we can plan reliably. (By the way, if this interests you, please email us at

We have also been bringing down our expenses. One way we are trying to do this is by moving from our current location to one nearby with a manageable size and cheaper rent. Currently, the lease we are on is a three year agreement and the rent goes up in the third year, which we are now entering.

We are going to be at our current location for at least a few more months. Currently memberships do not cover our rent and other monthly expenses, which is why we’re counting on your generosity these next few months. Anything helps!

Thank you so so much!

p.s. Hi there! I’m Sharp Hall, the interim board president. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes from some of our members and board members to put our finances in a good direction. And although the board is handling a lot of moving pieces right now, I’d like to see the Hacktory be a space by and for its members. If you haven’t visited the space a while, we’d love to see you again at our Thursday project night from 7-9pm. If you’re thinking about becoming a member, this is a great time to see the potential the Hacktory can provide. If you’re a member, we’d like to start organizing meetings again very soon so we can shape the space together! Stay in touch!

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