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Design Day Recap

We had a fantastic turnout at our first Design Day, with 8 attendees who worked hard to come up with a whole host of product ideas. They range from out-of-this-world to educational, and we look forward to seeing these ideas turn into actual products!

  • Ben pitched his:
    Piezo Electric Touchscreen Project
    Using piezo-electric sensors to triangulate the physical touches on a flat surface to make a poor-man’s touch surface. This would interface with an arduino and a computer with a projected display. Ben suggested this might be a class, not a kit.
    Auditory RF Sensor (reacts to RF interference from cell phones)
  • Matt pitched:
    The Hacktory logo displayed in a CANVAS Element via CSS and HTML elements
  • Donovan pitched:
    Silkscreen of the Liberty Bell onto T-Shirts. During the day, he put emulsion on the screen, and exposed a image in the shape of the liberty bell using surplus electronic parts, for a unique screen print. We printed a handful of shirts on the day, using Glow in the Dark ink and some spare blank t-shirts with great success!
  • Dominic pitched:
    Electric Engineering Infographic Poster, offering basic electronic laws (Ohm’s Law) and schematic diagrams as compared to the physical components to construct simple circuits.
  • Georgia pitched:
    The History of the Bit Infographic Poster
    (Still working out the technical details of info) Comparing a single bit (+/-) to Megabytes, gigabytes, and beyond!
  • Andrew pitched:
    9v Flashlight Kit
    Solar Night Bloom Kit
    Twiddly Synthesizer Kit
    Website Components Infographic
  • Mike pitched:
    Circuit bending and identification Infographic

Each product that is completed and sold by The Hacktory on our online store before the end of the year will earn a net 10% to the creator.

Thanks all to who attended, and we look forward to your continued progress in the next few weeks. We’ll post updates on the individual projects as they develop, so please come visit us again to see ow they progress!

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