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Control Societies + Social Media Discussion Monday Jan. 29

Ingrid Burrington Flyer

Via Annenberg School of Communication:

“On January 29, Ingrid Burrington of Data & Society will deliver the lecture, “Zuckerberg in the Hague.” The talk will examine the rhetorical, theatrical, and legal dimensions of holding social media platforms accountable for their complex adverse effects of individuals and societies, exploring possibilities in speculative fiction and strategic litigation as lenses through which to critique and reimagine existing frameworks for platform accountability.”

If you don’t know Ingrid Burrington yet, you should. Her book Networks of New York: An Illustrated Field Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure helps readers decode sidewalk markings, manhole symbols and more, which reveal the actual physical pieces of the internet visible around New York City’s landscape, with insight into the corporations and government agencies that make use of the system. We first learned of Ingrid’s work through the School for Poetic Computation, as well as the Deep Lab.

Details: Annenberg School, 3620 Walnut Street, Room 500, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. This lecture is open to the public. It is suggested that visitors verify at the front desk how to navigate to room 500.

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