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Cider Press Workshop – September 17 (6pm to 9pm)

Four people around cider press during pressing Join us at The Hacktory to help press apples into sweet cider on our home-made cider press. Christalee and I will be on hand to discuss how they designed & built the press, and some of the priorities and tradeoffs involved.

A few years back, we visited a friend who has a 100-year old cider press. We bought a few bushels of apples, spent the afternoon grinding and pressing them, and came home with 5 gallons of cider. It tasted good enough that we decided to do it again the next year, but with a press of our own.

Unlike our friend, we didn’t have a barn to keep the press in when not in use. So we read some blog posts, and set out to design a cider press which could be built at our local hackerspace, be moved by one person, and (mostly) fold flat when not in use. Every year since, we’ve pressed more cider and refined the initial design.

$5 suggested donation; no RSVP required.

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