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Check out the Grassroots Game Conference next week

A major addition to this year’s Philly Tech Week is the Grassroots Game Conference, which is taking place in multiple locations from April 23 – 29. There will be panels on Games as Art, Games and Gamification for Nonprofits, and a screening of the film Indie Game. On Sunday the 29th at the Hacking Big Art for Fun and Games Panel, I (Georgia) will represent The Hacktory and talk about our recent PAFA installation that used a kinect and other projects that use game hardware for art. Many of the events are free, you can see them on the conference website, and we’ve added a number of them to our calendar. The conference also got some great recognition recently from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage (they’re a big deal in the nonprofit world). It’s great to see that Philly is getting some recognition for all the creative technical energy here.

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