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Chaos Communication Camp Report Back This Friday

Imagine a giant 5 day rave-lite in a retired airfield in the pine barrens of Germany with vintage planes and helicopters popping up among acres of tents. Imagine them yarnbombed with hand-knit propeller cozies, the perfect decoration complement for lectures about Internet freedom delivered in Cold War-era bunkers.

Now overlay about 3000 hackers, artists, inventors and media makers, all of them interesting, from all over the world. And it only happens every four years.

This was the scene at the Chaos Communication Camp outside of Berlin, August 10-14, 2011. This Friday from 7-8:30 pm, three Hacktory friends and organizers will get together to tell us all about it. BernieS (2600 Magazine, Hacktory Board), Far McKon (Makerbot, Hacktory co-founder) and Steph Alarcon (Hacktory volunteer, speaker at Camp) will show photos and tell us about their trip, their impressions of the European hacker scene, and about a temporary tent city where these directions make perfect sense: “Walk straight past the bomber with the crochet missile launcher cozy and make a left at Disco Lenin.” (With thanks to @jaysonstreet)

The Hacktory will provide popcorn! BYOB