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Building a window farm at open house

Thanks to our hydroponic enthusiast Rumen we started making a windowfarm last night. It was surprisingly easy. You may have heard of windowfarms, a project that we first saw at NYC’s Eyebeam. The founder Britta Riley has since given a TED talk about them, and how it’s a great model for open-source urban gardening. We started trying to build this model with a few bottles, tubing, some inflation needles, and an air pump from the pet store. We had a little trouble testing the capillary action that pushes the water up the tube, but re-examining the instructions helped us see how to submerge the needle and tubing to push the drips up the tube. It works really well! Next week we’ll hopefully assemble the rest of the bottles and maybe be ready to start growing some nice basil or mint. Stop by open house to lend a hand or ask questions next Tuesday at 7 pm.

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