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Build dates for PAFA Pin Art Installation on calendar

So our installation date for PAFA’s GROSSED OUT is getting closer and we need help with our project. Hive76 and The Hacktory have several activities that will be happening that night but our most exciting one will be a life-sized pin art device (like those ones you had as a kid that you could stick your hand in). We are making ours to be 6′ tall with pins that are about 1″ in diameter. We need people to help us cut and assemble the 1200 or so pins in time for the 31st. The next build date is this Wednesday at 7 pm – check the calendar for others and stop by if you can!

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  2. bernieS

    Great Build Session session last night! I can’t believe we got so many pins are done. It was fun working with all the materials and all the great people who showed up.

    We really need more volunteers Wednesday night to get this amazing piece completed. It’s gonna be fantastic.


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