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Bike Parade Tonight

We have our last event for our Light Up the Crescent series tonight. In case you haven’t heard, all through September we’ve been working with Second Muse and the Schuylkill River Development Corporation to create a series to promote the Gray’s Ferry Crescent Park. Tonight is our last Bike Parade, leaving the SW corner of Rittenhouse around 7 pm, and heading to the Crescent to check out our swarm of robotic fireflies there. We’ve posted a map of the route before, but here’s a little more detail if you want to come, or know how to get to the crescent in the future. There are several entrances to the park, but we like the one off of Wharton street. Wharton becomes two-way west of 33rdd street (indicated with the arrow on this map), so we will take that route to the park. You can also turn onto Wharton from 34th street as well. Hope you can make it tonight!

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