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Being a Woman in a Hackerspace at Make:Online

Great article at Make:Online that tries to answer the question, “What Does it Mean to be a Woman Hackerspace Member?” The answers came from a diverse group of women hackerspace members from around the country, but the answer I took away from it was “pretty much the same thing to be a man at a hackerspace.” The consensus was that women want the same things at a hackerspace, to make stuff and get feedback and advice on their projects. Having policies that are friendly to newcomers, including encouraging members to greet new people and ask them about their interests, can go a long way to making a hackerspace with a positive, productive environment. It’s what we want to create at The Hacktory, we have some ideas in the works, but if you have comments or suggestions please send us an email (contact [at] or leave a comment!

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