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Arduino Show & Tell this Saturday

It’s happening this Saturday! Stop by our Arduino Show & Tell to check out what people have made with the popular open-source computing platform, the Arduino (ar-DWEEN-oh). You may have heard of these powerful micro-controllers (basically a powerful mini-computer), they’ve taken the maker world by storm because of their flexibility and ease in programming. The event will run from 1-4 pm, taking the place of our usual Soft Circuit Saturday (don’t worry, that will be back next month!) We will have at least one Arduino project involving soft circuits for you to check out though, as well as a robotic head, and the oneString, a recently-funded kickstarter project that uses an arduino to make an electronic diddley-bow (a little-known folk instrument), as well as several other interesting projects. If you want to bring your own arduino project to show, please register here. Oh and it’s free for everyone!

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