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Apply to Hacker School!

Here’s an invitation to apply to Hacker School, a three-month program in NYC to become a better programmer. I’ve heard only good things about it from participants and mentors.  The program itself is free to participants, and funded by startups who recruit from it.  Hacker School aims for gender parity, and to that end they provide need-based stipends for living expenses to women.  The application deadline is January 1, so if you’re interested in this “writers’ retreat for hackers”, get moving, and good luck!

From: Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock
Apply to Hacker School

Hacker School is a three-month, full-time school in New York for becoming a better programmer. It’s like a writers retreat for hackers. Tuition is free, and we provide space, a little structure, time to focus, and a friendly community of smart people dedicated to self-improvement.

We strive to make Hacker School the best environment to learn and grow as a programmer. Towards that end, we have explicit social rules (e.g., no “well, actuallys,” no “feigning surprise,” no “subtle sexism”), we aim for gender parity (our past two batches were 37-45% female), and we host amazing people as programmers in residence who work directly with students (last batch: Jessica McKellar, Peter Seibel, Alex Payne, Stefan Karpinski, and David Nolen).

Tuition is free, and we provide $5k, need-based grants to women for living expenses.

We value free software, beautiful code, and personal growth. Apply now to be part of our winter 2013 batch, which begins in February:

You can also learn about the type of people we look for and if we’d be a fit for you:

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