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Hands-on Audio: Building Basic Analog Sound-Making Circuits | August 20-24

Analog circuit sound boards have a reputation for additional depth and expressive qualities. However, analog synthesizers, mixers, and other sound circuits are not “magic.” This equipment is just hardware, driven by the mechanics of math and physics. 

This workshop will focus on studying, building, and personalizing simple analog circuits as a way to learn the skills, physics and math within “analog sound.”

We will be studying and building sound circuits out of simple building-blocks (in cheap microchips). These can be tuned to make all manner of beeping, chirping, groaning or farting sounds. Participants can personalize the circuit’s voice, as well as modify the circuit’s sound(s) in relation to controls (like knobs, pressure, light, or human skin-touch).

Participants can choose to power their device with batteries, or solar power, and play the sound into headphones or small speakers. This type of quick-and-dirty noise making circuit is well documented for further exploration by participants and is cheap to build and easy to tweak.

Participants do not need prior experience in soldering, math, or sound design. This is a great starting point to learn and combine these in a fun and practical manner.

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More About the Instructor

Patrick Richardson is an engineer, sound designer, musician, and instructor. After completing his Master’s in Electrical Engineering, he moved into teaching a wide range of topics. He currently teaches Audio Production, Game Design, Interactive/Web Design, at a number of institutions in the Philadelphia area, including Drexel University, the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and The Hacktory. In addition to teaching private music lessons, Patrick loves to hack on his own projects, which you can see on his website.

Scholarships Available

A limited number of $250 scholarships are available for this course. Our selection committee will prioritize scholarship awards to practicing artists, educators, and others who are under-represented in STEM fields.

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This is part of The Hacktory’s Summer Hardware Bootcamp Series, supported by StartupPHL. Each weekly session runs in the evenings from Sunday through Friday. Be sure to check out our entire list of the Summer Bootcamp Series.