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An Arduino Medusa Headpiece…. nbd…

Hello Everyone!!

Halloween is in a little over two weeks.  Whether you have already made your costume, or whether you plan to do something last minute, there is still time to bring on the DIY fun!  I found this amazing Arduino Medusa head piece how to video that I wanted to share with you if you were feeling really ambitious.  The Arduino is mounted on the styrofoam found inside of a bike helmet.  It then powers several pieces of bent plastic tubing covered in scaly material.  The result?  A MOVING medusa head piece!

Here is what it looks like from the back.  Three of the snakes writhe around, and the rest just get bumped by then, but the overall effect is pretty great and only probably took a few hours to put together.


Here is the you tube video below of how to do it from start to finish.  Scroll down for the link where I found a bunch of cool costume ideas aside from this one.


The other intricate and tech driven links and ideas on the site where I found this included a working gameboy outfit, and Michael Jackson’s light up Billy Jean shoes.

Check it out:

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