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An Arduino Breathalyzer and a Lion With a Tophat

In honor of Veterans Day, creating new things and ideas, and trying to write something positive after this tumultuous week, I have decided to center this post around the EOD techs that came to visit The Hacktory last Friday and the fun activities that happened during that visit.

EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  These brave men and women defuse bombs all over the world for the military.  It is highly dangerous, complicated, and intense work.  They also use robots to help them with this task, and apparently some of the interests of these techs correlate with some of the interests we investigate at The Hacktory.   Actually it is not such a surprising overlap, as every day The Hacktory attracts more and more people from all different interests, continuing to augment our growing member population.


On one side of the table we had 3 EOD techs sipping beer, coding, and testing a breathalyzer powered by an Arduino.  Brad, the guy who built it, said he changed a sketch he found in Processing to run it and was in the midst of trying to make it work better.  There were four lights that lit up, each one color coordinated to how much alcohol you had on your breath.  Very cool!


On the other side of the table we had Hacktory organizer Allison building a soft circuit with a son of one of the techs.  He was super proud of his Lion with a Top hat finished product.  Allison helped him design a jungle to hold the rather large battery cell holder, and he added a felt snake that his dad cut out for him.


While we hung out, other people stopped through, some artist members, and an engineer who wanted to do some 3D printing.  I found myself feeling happy to be there and be a part of this space.  People from all different places and interests, hanging out and connecting under one roof over common interests and projects.  It has been a rough week for a lot of people, but there are still good places to go and things to be positive about.  The Hacktory is definitely one of these places and one of these things.


Do bomb defusing robots spark your interest?  Well, you are in luck!  This February, we will host an EOD day at The Hacktory!!  Join us to meet the techs, see the robots they use to defuse bombs, and see a bomb suit!







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