Our Staff

Tim Bieniosek

Tim Bieniosek, Teacher/Organizer

Tim Bieniosek is grateful his parents left an edition of Janson’s History of Art on a shelf low enough where he could reach it. A computer scientist by education, his interests include geographic information systems (GIS), radio frequency propagation, and human-computer interaction. He enjoys working on physical computing and embedded computing projects with Arduino and C++, wearables and soft circuits, interactive art, and programming algorithmic visual art with Java and Processing, as well as building electronic musical instruments.


Allison Headshot

Allison Frick, Director of Outreach and Education

Allison has a BFA in Textile Design from Moore College of Art and Design and an MLS from Drexel University. In addition to her work at the Hacktory, Allison is a Youth Services librarian in the suburbs where where she incorporates art and STEM education with more traditional literacy activities. In her spare time Allison is pickling, sewing, making art out of old maps and working on an overly ambitious vegetable garden.

Georgia Guthrie, Executive Director

Georgia Guthrie is a designer and maker. She first got involved at The Hacktory as a volunteer interested in integrating technology and art of all kinds. Once involved, she worked to create a beginner-friendly environment where new and interesting visitors would come back and make amazing things. As Director of The Hacktory, she’s forged partnerships with numerous arts organizations in Philadelphia, has worked to promote awareness and appreciation of the hacker/maker spirit, and was named Hacker of the Year at the 2012 Philly Geek Awards, hosted by Geekadelphia . She’s interested in growing The Hacktory into a hub of creativity, a resource for educators, and a leader in addressing the gender gap in tech and science.

Past Staff/Organizers

Daniel Bergey

Daniel Bergey, Teacher/Organizer

Daniel Bergey learned to program at his mother’s knee, and has been coding off and on since, usually while he should be doing something else. He began teaching by showing adults how to double-click on a Mac. In school he learned to draw straight lines and talk about art. More recently he’s been using sensors, Python, and graphs to understand the physics and energy use of buildings. He’s interested in how graphics support reasoning, and in the tools we make to scratch our own itches, but would never make it as industrial products.

Christalee Bieber

Christalee Bieber, Teacher/Organizer

Christalee Bieber is a recent transplant to Philadelphia, but she’s jumped right into volunteering at The Hacktory. Her quest is to understand how people learn outside of school, with a particular focus on creative and accessible science education. In her spare time, she enjoys building things out of wood and metal, vegetarian cooking, and brewing; lately she’s been solidifying her knowledge of programming and web design.

Amy Guthrie

Amy Guthrie, Volunteer Coordinator/Organizer

Amy Guthrie began volunteering for The Hacktory in 2012. After being introduced at the Philadelphia Women in Tech Summit, she instantly fell in love with the idea of exploring the intersection of technology and art. She currently works as the Program Coordinator for the Clery Center for Security On Campus, a non-profit organization working to make college and university campuses a safer environment. She enjoys working with the community, instructing others, and supporting the larger cause of both organizations. She has developed an interest in wearable and interactive technology and art, and enjoys tinkering with electronics kits and code as often as her spare time will allow.

Lee Tusman, Creative Director

Lee Tusman is an artist, curator and organizer with an interest in projects that combine contemporary technology with social and urban issues. He received a BA from Brandeis University with a focus on Art and Social Change. He has curated dozens of exhibitions and public projects for a diverse group of universities, galleries, institutions, alternative spaces and public interventions including Riverside Art Museum; California State University, Northridge; University of California, Riverside; Division 9 Gallery; Space 1026; Little Berlin Gallery; the Hidden City Festival; UCLA; Vector Festival, and many others. Most recently he has been building programs in Processing and Javascript, and participated in The School For Poetic Computation in spring 2014. At The Hacktory, he organizes the Unknown Territory Fellowship and Artist-In-Residency, classes and programs.