Email: contact@thehacktory.org

Phone: (215) 650-7295

Repurposing Technology, Making Art

At The Hacktory we break, re-arrange, and re-purpose the objects and systems around us to satisfy our curiosity and create new meaning.
The Hacktory provides classes and events that build our mission to inspire and empower people to use technology for their own personal expression. We want to reinforce the idea that our world is malleable – the devices and spaces we interact with everyday can be re-purposed and modified to better meet our needs and to create new experiences.
We recognize and value individuals who take action and relish getting things done, similar to the philosophy of a do-ocracy.  We welcome volunteers and organizers who have an idea of something they want to do which fits in our overall mission, and are willing to contribute to The Hacktory to then get help and resources to make their idea happen.


Links to our partners and other Philadelphia-based groups we’ve worked with in the past.