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130-in-one Electronic Project Lab

A friend of mine recently picked up this little treasure:

I’ve always had a thing for vintage educational kits, and this one is a real delight. Back in the days when RadioShack still cared about electronics that weren’t cell phones, it actually sold some pretty cool stuff. (Note the striking visual similarity between the Earth pictured on the cover above and my fushigi ball visible at the top of the photo. Coincidence???) (Also, aren’t there two earths in that universe?)

The manual has instructions for building 130 (COUNT ‘EM!) different circuits, from a strobe light to a square wave audio oscillator. Here I’ve wired up an electronic woodpecker.

The project lab includes 23 resistors, 12 capacitors, 3 diodes, 3 transistors, LEDs, ICs, a speaker, and a bunch of other components. It’s great for learning the basics and experimenting with different circuits. I’ll be sure to bring it to the next open house!


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