Support DIYLILCNC Machine

One of the machines hackers/makers/builders covet is a CNC machine (computer numerical count machine). It’s a machine that you can send a digital 3-D file (like a CAD file, another format designed in special computer program) put a block of your preferred material on the CNC, and the machine will drill away all the excess material, leaving you with your 3-D shape. Shouldn’t come as a surprise that these machines are expensive. There are a few teams out there making their own CNC machines and publicizing the plans, here’s one team that has already made and publicized their CNC plans, but they want to build one that’s even better, so if that sounds like a good idea, support their kickstarter campaign. We’d love a CNC for The Hacktory, but we’d need a team to tackle a project that big, so if you’re interested in building one, leave a comment.

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