Become a Member

The Hacktory is pleased to offer a pilot membership to our community. This membership is meant primarily as a way to network and find people to learn from each other, and organize gatherings around topics that are of most interest to them. In the future we hope to offer open access to our tools and workspace, though unfortunately we can’t offer that right now.

We’ve found that our Project Nights have been really successful, and we think that is largely due to our method of connecting people in person based on their interests. We’d like to try this in an online platform, though we’re not sure if it will work. Many times the success of these kinds of communities relies on the quantity of members, but we are hoping we will be able to attract a strong community of people interested in our values, and in learning together.

In this model, our members get:

  • Access to the members-only section of our website, which includes discussion boards, profile pages, and the ability to search and network among other members
  • Discount on all classes, and admission to special member-only events
  • The ability to use our space for a meeting or gathering during our designated times
  • A free tshirt to sport your member pride!

All of our current artists-in-residence, artist fellows, and past and current teachers will automatically be added as members for free.

To start off, we are offering membership at a “pay what you wish” rate of $5 or more for the year. We would appreciate contributions of more than $5, but as this is a pilot, we want to make it as easy as possible to join from the start.