Kids making new creations with wire and electronics


Have a young maker at home? Celebrate their special day with a Maker Birthday party!

The Hacktory, Philly’s first hackerspace, knows how to create fun, engaging, and educational activities for kids of all ages. We have a variety of projects available, and can custom-tailor them to your interests.

Book your next birthday celebration today and choose one of our unique themes:

CameraObscuraBack CameraObscuraFront

Optics and Vision: Build your own mini camera obscura, enhance your drawing ability with the prisms in a NeoLucida, and play light pictionary!

catapultexample Catapult1

Storm the Cardboard Castle! Construct your own castle out of cardboard complete with drawbridges, then build catapults to storm it!

3D Fabrication Explore and Build: Select a few designs to cut out of wood, acrylic, or leather with our laser-cutter, then watch it in action. Assemble your designs and decorate them with paint or glitter.


  • 10 guests: $300
  • 11-15 guests: $350
  • 16-20 guests: $400
  • 21 or more guests: email for pricing

Pricing includes:

  • 2 hour timeframe with 1/2 hour setup
  • all the materials for the projects
  • two or more assistants to guide party-goers through the activities
  • special gift and DIY crown to wear for the day for the guest of honor

Email to reserve your special date.