After School


Our afterschool youth activities are built on the principles of hands-on learning, problem-solving, and”thinkering.” Our process consists of designing workshops for youth to participate in fun building challenges and activities integrated with science, technology and visual/media arts. Our overall goal is to teach the fundamental concepts underlying how the world around us works, and to spark students’ imagination to make things on their own.

Upcoming Program:

The Hacktory Kids’ Club @ DM+D – Fall 2014

Past Programs:

Summer Camp @ Fort Washington – 6/16-7/25
Kids’ Club @ DM+D – Every Friday – 5/6-6/27

HOW THINGS WORK with Lea Elementary School
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Every Tuesdays and Thursday – Oct-Dec 2013 / Feb-Apr 2014 / May-Jun 2014

Relevant staff and advisors:
Georgia Guthrie (Executive Director )

Angel Hogan (Board of Director)
Mabel Negrete / STUDIO CNS (Program Co-Founder)

Assisting the Kids’ Club:
Kim Brickley (Artist)

Allison Frick (Librarian, Teacher, Artist)

Eric Manganaro (Teacher, Self-Taught Engineer, Musician)

KC Shoot (Designer)