Hacktory Home-Printed T-Shirts with new Liberty Bell Design

As we talked about briefly in our Design Day Recap, one of the projects we managed to get moving was producing a Hacktory-inspired silkscreen of the Liberty Bell made out of electronic parts and then printing the design onto T-Shirts.

Attendee Donovan led this project as he put photo-emulsion on the silkscreen and allowed it to dry in our dark storage room at the Hacktory. Then, he used a handful of surplus electronic parts to create the image by simply laying them on top of the screen, and exposed it using high-wattage incandescent bulbs for about 10 minutes. Once the emulsion had been fully exposed, he cleaned the screen with water, and showed us the unique image for a cool screen print!

Everyone helped as we printed a handful of (small) shirts, using Glow in the Dark ink! Check out the production photos embedded below, along with an example of the glowing ink!

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