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Support Local Interactive Art on Kickstarter

Local project Proceed raises questions about sousveillance, or “the recording of an activity by the participant in the activity, typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies.” Think surveillance, but you are choosing to record yourself. This project is the work of two talented multimedia artists, Kim Brickley and Sarah Zimmer, who are […]

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Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! How luminous are your LEDs!

Tim Eads Christmas Tree in Le Meridian Hotel

Hey all, Brigid here! Recently, local artist and friend of The Hacktory, Tim Eads, created his own artistic interpretation of the Christmas tree. Made of zigzagging white metal and blue LEDs, we here at The Hacktory think that the final product is nothing short of a Christmas miracle! (We like it and we want to […]

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Call for Abstracts: Media Art Histories 2013

Here’s a great reason to finally plan that trip to Latvia you’ve been putting off. The group RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture will hold their Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW conference in conjunction with the “Art+Communication” festival in Riga, Latvia October 8-11, 2013. RIXC is new media artists collective, events producer and publisher that puts out the […]

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Introductory Raspberry Pi Bootstrap Procedures


The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games, but it also plays high-definition video. At a low price of $35, it’s a real […]

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Got a Makerbot? Submit a Photo for this Coffee Table Book

Here’s a quick call for photo submissions from David Neff, who’s been making a coffee table book featuring photos of people with their Makerbots. (Makerbots are a brand of 3-D printers). David did a tour of hackerspaces and people’s workshops this spring to collect photos, but would still like more photos of individuals: I would […]

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Hack Manhattan’s MANIC display

A couple of weeks ago while in New York, I stopped by Hack Manhattan to see what everyone was working on. The crew had recently returned from FIGMENT on Governor’s Island, where they had set up a giant game of mind vs. machine LED pong. The last time I visited the hackerspace, I got to […]

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Art + Technology: Brad Litwin

Brad Litwin is a hacker of the highest order: always following his own instructions and never shying from a challenge. His studio at the Stenton Guild in Germantown is littered with wires, gears, and bizarre contraptions with names like “The Octapult” and “The Pluckerator,” mind-boggling inventions that delight, inspire, and challenge the limits of engineering.

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Help Us Support Artists Through Our T.E.R.A. Incognita Project

The Hacktory has created a new residency to train artists who want to incorporate sensors, cameras, circuits, and software into their work. The residency is called T.E.R.A Incognita: Tech Education and Residency for Artists, and will select 8-10 artists from the Philadelphia area. The artists will be partake in a series of workshops and will be […]

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Philly Kickstarter Project: The Switched-On Garden

There’s a cool Philly-based project running right now on Kickstarter, The Switched-On Garden. It’s raising funds to let people “explore the relationship between plants, music and technology with an outdoor arts festival, The Switched-On Garden on October 14, 2012.” Over 700 people attended the first installation last October at Bartram’s Garden, and they want to […]

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Our Picks for Tech Week April 21-28

Philly Tech Week is just around the corner, the second annual event celebrating everything tech-related that’s happening in Philly. This year’s event listings are packed with lots of interesting talks, workshops, and parties. The organizers have sorted many of the events into particular tracks that might help you decide what to attend based on your […]

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