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Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery – Red Bull Hack Challenge 2011

So we got a curious package in the mail the other day…

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Hacktory Organizer Meeting Tuesday Night – Open to All

Curious about what we’re working on at The Hacktory? Want to get involved? Our monthly organizer meeting is tomorrow March 8th and everyone is welcome. The meeting starts with a potluck dinner at 6 where we catch up, then get down to business by 7. Bring something to drink, bring some paper/plates or utensils, or […]

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More about the CFA effect in Philly

Mark Headd, one of the participants of the hackathon wrote a great blog post for Vox Populi about the CFA effect.

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Introducing Zigduino – a new platform from Seattle company

Check this out – The Zigduino, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller platform that integrates an 802.15.4 radio on the board. It’s built by Logos Electromechanical based out of Seattle, WA. You can reserve the zigduinos now, the company says they will be shipping early this year.

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Future of the ENIAC…

Cool piece with video about the ENIAC (one of the world’s first computers built here in Philly) at Technically Philly.

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DIY Metal Event Tonight at Penn’s Rotunda

Annihilvs Power Electronix is making a stop on their East Coast tour tonight at Penn’s Rotunda. The show is free and starts at 8 pm and will feature a few different artists doing their own version of metal/DIY music. You can get a feel for the work of the performer Author & Punisher and his […]

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Great article in The Atlantic about DIY changing Education

Here’s a quick little article that talks about how the DIY movement, especially events like Maker Faire, offers a chance to allow kids to learn by doing. Many education professionals think this is the best way for many kids to learn, but opportunities for this kind have been phased out of many school systems. It […]

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The Superfluid collaboration competition with UArts Corzo Center

The Corzo Center and Superfluid are organizing a competition to encourage collaboration in creative projects. This could come in handy for you if, for example, you have some leet coding skills but you need a designer to get your project done. Superfluid is a virtual currency that helps you trade favors for creative projects and […]

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Netduino Class at Harford Hackerspace this Wednesday!

We’ve had people come to our arduino classes from far and wide, so any of you Hacktory followers down near Baltimore, listen up! The local hackerspace there, Harford Hackerspace, is having a Netduino workshop this coming Wednesday. The fee is $35, which includes a Netduino, and the group has an inside connection with Secret Labs, […]

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Support Neighborhood-led sustainable design here in Philly

The Urban Studio, an great little organization that offers “design services which empower neighborly efforts toward sustainability” has a kick-starter campaign for a new project called Visual Voice. Visual Voice aims to be a megaphone for a city-wide series of conversations at the neighborhood level. The results of the conversations will take visual form in […]

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