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Summer Camp to Lure Girls to Manufacturing

Did you know there are manufacturing jobs out there? In the United States? And they want to hire women for them? This awesome camp is encouraging girls to think of manufacturing as a career they might like, by getting their hands on drill presses and soldering irons. This gives us tons of inspiration and ideas […]

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Kickstarting An Open-Source Project

Take note of Matt Heins’ Rockit 8-bit Synth Kit, an open hardware project aiming to make it easy for hackers and musicians to construct a relatively inexpensive synthesizer. There’s no shortage of open hardware synth kits available for enthusiasts to tinker with; the Meeblip, a very similar product, launched last year to much enthusiasm. What […]

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True meaning of the word “Hack”

Great explanation of the origins of the words “hack” and “hacker” and how journalists are ruining them. With so much in the news lately about “phone hacking” and other security breaches people could start to develop serious misconceptions about what hacking involves (if they haven’t already). As the article puts it, “typing the default password […]

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Hackers through (Recent) History

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Read about DIY Radio in Flying Kite Media

We got some great coverage about our DIY Radio class and the mission of the Prometheus Radio Project in Flying Kite Media. Thanks Salas!

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Solar Sinter prints in 3D with power from the sun

Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo. In case you didn’t see this on Boing Boing, this is a video of a 3D printer made by Markus Kayser which uses a lens and the sun to heat sand and 3D print in glass.

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Hacker news source

Maybe I’m behind the times, but I just found out about Hacker News from the prestigious tech incubator Y-Combinator. One way to feel more like a hacker even if you’re coding skills are minimal (like mine).

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Watch a video about the Printer Smash

Just posted on WHYY:

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Random Hacks of Kindness Coming to Philly June 4th and 5th

Random Hacks of Kindness is a recurring hackathon where geeks, designers, coders, hackers (the kind who find new ways of doing things, not people who steal identities) get together and work on a big problem. Philly has been chosen as one of twenty cities to host the next round of rHoK. This hackathon’s theme will […]

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Maker Field Day Today with NextFab at the Science Festival

Our friends over at NextFab Studio put together an awesome event happening today at the Philadelphia Science Festival. “It’ll be like the field days we grew up with, but instead of playing tug-of-war against those pesky 5th graders, you’ll be competing against your peers in events as varied as speed soldering, BristleBot racing, the Foamwood […]

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