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Get soldering on Nov. 14

Yee-haw, another soldering workshop is coming up soon! Join us on November 14 and learn the basics of melting metal in this hands-on class. If you still haven’t picked up an iron, now’s the time! Soldering is an essential skill for all doers and makers. Learn to solder the right way in one evening of […]

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Intro to Circuits rescheduled for Nov. 7

We had to reschedule last month’s Intro to Circuits class due to technical difficulties. If you couldn’t make our last date, here’s a second chance! Wednesday, November 7, 6pm – 9pm $35 includes goodies to take home Location: Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street Have you been tantalized by neat projects using LEDs, Arduinos, or […]

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Halloween Hacking Oct 22

If you’re feeling stuck on how to construct this year’s Halloween costume — be it a 10-foot cheese grater or Genesis-era Peter Gabriel — it’s time to bring in the ultimate hack: duct tape. For minimum cost and maximum fun, join us on Monday, October 22 between 6pm and 9pm to learn how to use […]

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Intro to Circuits class on Oct. 13

Have you been tantalized by neat projects using LEDs, Arduinos, or EL-wire? Ever wondered what’s going on inside your computer, television, or vacuum cleaner? Electricity permeates our modern existence, and learning your way around circuits is the first step in demystifying it. In this class, we’ll start with the very basics, teaching you how to […]

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Sparkly New Arduino Class!

Have you ever been interested in programming but didn’t know where to start? Do you love robots like Wall-E, Johnny5 and Curiosity and wish you could make your own? Do you have an idea for a cool new tech tool but aren’t sure how to begin prototyping? If you are drooling at your computer and […]

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New Class: Intro to Audio, September 8

What are all these audio plugs and how do they work? How does my voice get from a microphone to speakers? How can I keep feedback from ruining my day, and why can I use headphones as a mic in a pinch? Most importantly, how do I avoid blowing out my roommate’s speakers?? Come learn the basic science […]

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Why Sensors are Super Cool

Here’s some info from Christalee and Daniel, who are teaching the Intro to Sensors Class in a few weeks. They wanted to explain a bit about why they think sensors are super cool, and why you should consider attending! Sensors take input from the environment, to make your device interact with users on the spot […]

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New Class: Intro to Sensors July 18 & 25

Sensors help us hear what the world around us has to say.  In this class you will build circuits that measure temperature, light, and motion.  We will cover voltage and current control, and use op-amps (amplifiers) to drive LEDs and motors.  Our examples will all be analog, but the techniques are also useful for connecting […]

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Class Evaluation Form


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Intro to Soldering with Mitch Altman July 7th

Here’s a treat for all tinkerers, new and old. Mitch Altman, founder of San Francisco’s Noisebridge hackerspace, and inventor of TV-B-Gone will be teaching Intro to Soldering here in Philly on July 7 from 1-4 pm. Mitch has traveled the world visiting hackerspaces, hacker conferences and schools, and teaching thousands of people to solder and […]

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