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Hackers through (Recent) History

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The Hacktory: Crafting a One Sentence Mission Statement – Join the Discussion!

As a long-time board member of The Hacktory, I’m always asked this very simple question: What is the Hacktory? And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m often stumped, or at a loss of words to describe it. I might ramble on about our public events, classes, or our community, trying to find […]

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Sites We Love: Hack A Day

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First Kinect Project: Making Music With Your Body!

Here’s a free, open-source demo of the stuff you can do with a Kinect. This one is called SYNAPSE for Kinect and this allows you to use your whole body as an instrument.

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Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery – Red Bull Hack Challenge 2011

So we got a curious package in the mail the other day…

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What Is this Unique Element?

Saw this fascinating Animated GIF while strolling the internet superhighway. In it, a person pours hot tea into an ordinary paper cup with a blue band wrapped around it. As the hot water warms the blue part, it expands to several hundred times it’s apparent depth with the heat of the water making a odd […]

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Hacktory’s Electronic Jewelry Workshop at Art from the Heart Gallery on South Street

When Corey and Sammy (who ran our wildly successful Egg Drop event a few months back) asked The Hacktory to participate in their first opening at their new art gallery space on South Street, we knew the participants would appreciate working with their hands, so we brought assorted tools and parts from our occasional Recycled […]

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Old & Busted, Meet the New Hotness…

We’ve changed to a new web hosting platform, supported by WordPress, which allows easier group editing of pages and content, plus offers a stable server environment, not as crash-prone as our last version of the site. Leave a comment if you think we’re missing important content from the old site, as it’ll still be available […]

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