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130-in-one Electronic Project Lab

A friend of mine recently picked up this little treasure: I’ve always had a thing for vintage educational kits, and this one is a real delight. Back in the days when RadioShack still cared about electronics that weren’t cell phones, it actually sold some pretty cool stuff. (Note the striking visual similarity between the Earth […]

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New Class: Intro to Audio, September 8

What are all these audio plugs and how do they work? How does my voice get from a microphone to speakers? How can I keep feedback from ruining my day, and why can I use headphones as a mic in a pinch? Most importantly, how do I avoid blowing out my roommate’s speakers?? Come learn the basic science […]

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Hack Manhattan’s MANIC display

A couple of weeks ago while in New York, I stopped by Hack Manhattan to see what everyone was working on. The crew had recently returned from FIGMENT on Governor’s Island, where they had set up a giant game of mind vs. machine LED pong. The last time I visited the hackerspace, I got to […]

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Art + Technology: Brad Litwin

Brad Litwin is a hacker of the highest order: always following his own instructions and never shying from a challenge. His studio at the Stenton Guild in Germantown is littered with wires, gears, and bizarre contraptions with names like “The Octapult” and “The Pluckerator,” mind-boggling inventions that delight, inspire, and challenge the limits of engineering.

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Art & Technology pt. II: Ashley John Pigford

For anyone with a habit of taking things apart and forgetting how to put them back together, Ashley John Pigford can offer some inspiration. The accomplished artist, designer and musician remembers being “one of those kids” fascinated by the fundamental structures of everyday objects—a fascination that underlies his current approach to art and design. Today […]

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Art & Technology, pt. I: Leah Beeferman

The following post is the first in a series featuring contemporary artists whose work engages technology—broadly defined—in innovative ways. Like many of us at The Hacktory, Leah Beeferman has a fondness for grids, dials, and luminous rhombi rotating slowly in space. As part of Vox Populi’s January exhibition, the New York-based artist installed two long, […]

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