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Unknown Territory: GPS compass experiments

Today’s blog entry comes from Unknown Territory artist-in-resident Jacob Rivkin. The project I’m currently working on is a version of a compass that uses GPS, two stepper motors, a magnetometer (digital compass), hall effect sensors, and an arduino. This compass, however, doesn’t point to North. Instead, it points to both the closest mountain and the […]

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New Classes this fall!

And as the temperature drops and nights grow longer we’re excited to announce our fall class and workshop lineup. Our first class is the popularly-requested Introduction to GitHub. This workshop will teach all about distributing, sharing and contributing to code repositories online. Other classes feature the Raspberry Pi computer (Intro to Balloon Mapping, Build a […]

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Survey on potential new space for The Hacktory

Hello Hacktory community, we are exploring acquiring additional space for The Hacktory and are conducting a survey. We’re interested in finding out what equipment you’d like to use, if you’re potentially interested in what a Hacktory membership could offer, and whether you might be interested in co-working or studio space. Please fill out the survey […]

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Robert Spahr at The Hacktory

Tonight at our weekly free Project Night at the Department of Making and Doing we’ll have a session with Robert Spahr, The Hacktory’s first Unknown Territory Fellow. Rob is an artist and a Professor and is visiting us from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. His artwork features a combination of computational art, performance, installation, […]

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Bad Website Jam new terrible websites

Last week we held the Bad Website Jam, a short burst of a jam where participants reviewed extremely basic Web 1.0 HTML and markup, checked out some geocities sites, and then spent 2 hours building their own terrible mid-90s-aesthetic website. We built our sites on Neocities, which is a really beautiful project to “make the […]

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What We’re Reading This Week

Today we present to you a roundup of articles and posts from around the web on topics of importance to us or just good reads that we’ve enjoyed recently. We hope to make this a regular feature at The Hacktory. Let us know what you’ve been reading too.   Why Apple’s Swift Language Will Instantly […]

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Guest post: Artist-In-Resident Jacob Rivkin

Today’s post comes from current Unknown Territory Artist-In-Resident Jacob Rivkin. My work primarily focuses on issues of how we interact with the landscape. One of the main questions I came into the Unknown Territory Residency at the Hacktory with was how do we develop our collective understanding of place through experiential and metaphorical explorations. Is […]

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Guest post: Artist-In-Resident Salem Collo-Julin

Today’s blog post comes from current Unknown Territory Artist-In-Resident Salem Collo-Julin.-Lee T. When applying for one of the Unknown Territory Artist-In-Resident spots, I was excited at the prospect of learning some basics in coding and the chance to figure out if any of these tools are useful for me. I’m not always sure that thinking […]

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Guest Post: Unknown Territory Artist-In-Resident Michael Kiley

Today’s blog post comes from Artist-In-Resident, composer and sound designer Michael Kiley.-Lee T. A month ago I was introduced to something called poetic computation, or, the writing of computer code for artistic purposes. I used to believe that I would never be able to understand how to write code or create a program, and more […]

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Guest Post: Marcel W. Foster

Today’s guest blog post comes to us from Marcel W. Foster, one of the 6 new Unknown Territory Artist-In-Residents. A group of six geeks. Six geeks who all have unique and impressive experiences working in the arts and engaging technologies: wiring “old” technologies to do new things (e.g., cassette players with arduinos) conversations about the […]

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