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Soldering/KS Work Party + Soft Circuits, Saturday the 11th

Join us next Saturday, January 11, when we’ll be packing T-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases to send to donors from our recent Kickstarter campaign. We’ll also be assembling the electronics for our LED lightbox starting around 1pm. If you are comfortable soldering, we can put you straight to work; if you want to learn to […]

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Cider Press Workshop – September 17 (6pm to 9pm)

Join us at The Hacktory to help press apples into sweet cider on our home-made cider press. Christalee and I will be on hand to discuss how they designed & built the press, and some of the priorities and tradeoffs involved. A few years back, we visited a friend who has a 100-year old cider […]

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Project Night Recap – August 15

The Hacktory window will soon be illuminated! Daniel, Christalee, and Sharp are constructing a 30″ x 48″ LED grid. The board will use a series of individual color-changing LEDs, a microcontroller, and some Python. The Hacktory will display the names of those who contribute to its upcoming Kickstarter campaign – illuminating your support for the […]

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Intro to Soldering, 7 August

Join us on August 7 and learn the basics of melting metal in this hands-on class. If you still haven’t picked up an iron, now’s the time! Soldering is a basic way to make durable electrical connections and opens the door to all sorts of electronics kits and projects. These skills can (sort of) be […]

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Intro to Audio Synthesis

Come learn the fundamentals of sound generation with Free Libre Open Source Software! This two hour course will cover a brief history of early electronic music, some physics about sound, subtractive synthesis, and will end with the class designing some sounds of our own. Learn the basics of electronic music with free, open source software […]

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Tech Week Event: Balloon Mapping Workshop

Join us for a balloon mapping workshop during Philly Tech Week! Balloon mapping is a low-cost, easy, and safe way to make maps and aerial images. This grassroots technique has been used by journalists and community groups all over the world. One of the most interesting balloon mapping projects involved capturing images of the damage […]

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Project Night: soldering, sewing, sysadmining

Project night started off with a visit from a biochemist who works in the Science Center and took a class at the Hacktory. He didn’t have time to stay for the evening, but did offer to help out if anyone is interested in DIY bio. After he left, more people arrived to work on their […]

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New Class: Understanding Data


Graphs are essential not only for communicating about data, but for discovering patterns in the first place. Good graphs make both these tasks easier, and making good graphs requires good tools. Python has excellent tools for making graphs and manipulating numerical data. Come learn to use Python to explore large datasets and make beautiful graphs. […]

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Soft Circuit Saturday at the Science Center

Last Saturday we opened our doors for the latest in our series of Soft Circuit (Second) Saturdays. This was the first in our new home at 3711 Market, after a long hiatus. Fortunately, during that time, half a dozen of the Hacktory’s organizers were able to take classes on soft circuits, run by Yasmin Kafai’s […]

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Moving to 3711 Market Street

Tomorrow, Monday 6 August, the Hacktory will be moving out of our 15th & Brandywine home. We’re grateful to Nonprofit Technology Resources for providing us space and support for the last 5 years. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to put on the great events and offer the exciting classes that we have. We’re […]

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