Arduino Fireflies


This September we had the opportunity to partner with Second Muse and the Schuylkill River Development Corporation (SRDC) to test how we could use technology to engage people in a fun way. SRDC wanted to get more people to a little-known part of the Schuylkill trail, the Grays Ferry Crescent. We decided the best way we could get people out to the Crescent was to make a swarm of robotic fireflies, which mimic behavior of actual fireflies. Our excellent volunteers designed, coded, and assembled over 100 fireflies for a series of events at the Crescent, including bike parades to the Crescent from center city, workshops on assembling the fireflies, and a brief lecture about real firefly behavior and emergence. See the photos and video of the project below.

You can purchase a kit to construct 3 of your own fireflies on our kickstarter here, or purchase 3 fully assembled fireflies, but hurry, our campaign will end in less than 24 hours!




Firefly Project from The Hacktory on Vimeo.

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