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Great News: Women are Returning to Computer Science

Found a great article to go with the last post about “hacking,” this one talks about how women are returning to the field of Computer Science, yep, that’s right, returning. Apparently back in the sixties, working with computers was portrayed as women’s work. Cosmopolitan featured a piece on “Computer Girls” that reassured the reader that […]

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True meaning of the word “Hack”

Great explanation of the origins of the words “hack” and “hacker” and how journalists are ruining them. With so much in the news lately about “phone hacking” and other security breaches people could start to develop serious misconceptions about what hacking involves (if they haven’t already). As the article puts it, “typing the default password […]

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Support DIYLILCNC Machine

One of the machines hackers/makers/builders covet is a CNC machine (computer numerical count machine). It’s a machine that you can send a digital 3-D file (like a CAD file, another format designed in special computer program) put a block of your preferred material on the CNC, and the machine will drill away all the excess […]

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PyStar Philly and Design Day August 13

We’re thrilled to host a gathering for PyStar Philly, a group aiming to teach Python programming to women and their friends. Python is a robust open source programming language that can be used to integrate systems (I know that doesn’t say much, but if you want to find out more, please register for the event!) […]

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Hackers through (Recent) History

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Makeshift in Brazil, or Giambarra

If The Hacktory had been born in Brazil, it would probably resemble the artist collective Gambiologia. Their practice is centered on Giambarra, the Brazilian term for “resorting to quirky and smart improvisation in order to repair what doesn’t work or to create what you need with what you have at your disposal.” Read more about […]

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Playing Artemis Tomorrow at Open House

Calling all Trekkies: Our weekly Open House tomorrow will feature the game Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator tomorrow. We can get out the kinect too for anyone who’s interested, but we’ve been meaning to test it out and maybe schedule some games with Hive76 and O91 Labs too.

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Need parts? It’s hamfest season!

Ever hear of a hamfest?  Ham radio hobbyists are radio communications hackers with a century-old culture of building cool electronics gear and sharing tech info.  They’re truly the first electronics hackers. In warmer months, hams gather outdoors in rural settings to socialize and buy & sell surplus electronic parts, electronic test equipment, radio gear, and […]

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Open House/Organizer Meeting Tonight

Stop by tonight from 7-9 for our weekly open house, and sit in on our organizer meeting if you like. You can also join us for our potluck dinner starting at 6 pm, all are welcome!

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The Hacktory: Crafting a One Sentence Mission Statement – Join the Discussion!

As a long-time board member of The Hacktory, I’m always asked this very simple question: What is the Hacktory? And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m often stumped, or at a loss of words to describe it. I might ramble on about our public events, classes, or our community, trying to find […]

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