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Don’t miss 8Static this weekend!

This month’s 8static will kick things off with Director Paul Owens and Publicist Jenn de la Vega discussing the the first part of the new 2 Player Productions documentary on Minecraft! The music line up features your favorite, Bit Shifter, along with Kris Keyser and The Shortsleeves. Be sure to RSVP at to get […]

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Female Artists and Digital Media

We were happy to see Fast Company’s list of the Most Influential Women in Technology, which featured many techie females we love (like Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries). Some of those “influential women” seemed to be using the internet to enhance a business model, which in our humble opinion doesn’t really count as being “in […]

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Old & Busted, Meet the New Hotness…

We’ve changed to a new web hosting platform, supported by WordPress, which allows easier group editing of pages and content, plus offers a stable server environment, not as crash-prone as our last version of the site. Leave a comment if you think we’re missing important content from the old site, as it’ll still be available […]

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Make:Live featuring DIY Music tonight

Make:Online has a weekly streaming show featuring cool projects. Tonight’s episode is all about DIY instruments. Check it out at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

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Just Posted – Sex Toy Hacking Workshop Mar. 20th

If you like hacking and you like sex toys, then this is the event for you. From DIY floggers to vibrators that vibrate in Morse Code, the possibilities are endless. The Hacktory’s BFF Maggie will kick things off with a short talk about a few of the projects she’s worked on, followed by a time […]

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Hacktory Organizer Meeting Tuesday Night – Open to All

Curious about what we’re working on at The Hacktory? Want to get involved? Our monthly organizer meeting is tomorrow March 8th and everyone is welcome. The meeting starts with a potluck dinner at 6 where we catch up, then get down to business by 7. Bring something to drink, bring some paper/plates or utensils, or […]

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Anybody want to start a HackPHL?

Here‘s an article about HackNY, a summer internship that matches entrepreneurs with coders to grow businesses. The program has recently been recognized by Mayor Bloomberg as “the latest example of the growing collaboration between entrepreneurs, universities and investors that is key to driving further growth in New York City’s thriving technology sector.” Seems like Philly […]

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Awesome Class at Breadboard – Hand Cranked Luminescent Jewelry March 19th

Breadboard, the nonprofit partner to NextFab Studio is holding a class in jewelry that lights up. Spots are limited, so check it out and sign up here.

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Now That’s What I Call Rapid Prototyping – way to go Make:Philly!

Despite the burst pipe and emergency lights that kept flashing (prompting the makers present to tape brown paper over them), there was a great turnout Wednesday for Make:Philly. Peter Bressler gave a presentation about product design, user research, and the future of the field of Industrial Design. The presentation is available to download here. Because […]

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Be Sure to Get Your Ticket for PAFA’s GROSSED OUT – March 31st

Tickets are on sale now for the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art‘s After Dark Event featuring The Hacktory and Hive76. The event is an opening celebration for the show Anatomy/Academy, which explores “how Philadelphia’s dynamic art and science communities… fostered knowledge of the human body… transformed the attitudes of the public towards mental and physical […]

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