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Reminder: Make:Philly’s spring meeting is Wednesday!

Can’t wait for Make:Philly’s spring meeting this Wednesday, March 2nd, 7 pm at 211 South Broad 5th floor.

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You learn so many things at a hackathon…

One of the best takeaways from the hackathon last week was hearing about the social coding site github. Its a great resource for the open source movement because it provides an easy way to share code and collaborate. If you’re looking for a project to contribute to you can search by language or key word. […]

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More about the CFA effect in Philly

Mark Headd, one of the participants of the hackathon wrote a great blog post for Vox Populi about the CFA effect.

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Great time yesterday at Data Camp with CFA

The Code for America fellows leave today to head back to San Francisco to get working on some code to help Philly’s city government engage with citizens. For their last week they had a final push to brainstorm ideas at a data panel and hackathon/datacamp. Both events were a huge success, the hackathon produced some […]

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Photos from Gadgets and Kinetic Sculpture class week 3

The Hacktory has partnered with the Fleisher Art Memorial this winter to do a pilot class in Gadgets and Kinetic Sculpture for ages 8-10. Each week features a new project, and the instructors have been doing a great job documenting everything here. Check out their flickr set and videos of all the fun. At the […]

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Introducing Zigduino – a new platform from Seattle company

Check this out – The Zigduino, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller platform that integrates an 802.15.4 radio on the board. It’s built by Logos Electromechanical based out of Seattle, WA. You can reserve the zigduinos now, the company says they will be shipping early this year.

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Future of the ENIAC…

Cool piece with video about the ENIAC (one of the world’s first computers built here in Philly) at Technically Philly.

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Make:Philly’s Spring meeting is next Wednesday March 2nd

In order to pack in as much making energy and networking as possible, Make:Philly has switched up the frequency of their meetings and is offering them quarterly. The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 2nd at 7 pm at University of the Arts (5th floor). The speaker Peter Bressler from the Bresslergroup who will be […]

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Help The Hacktory win a laser cutter!

Instructables, the most awesome source of useful, fun and interesting projects and instructions has just posted a contest to win a 3rd Epilog Zing laser cutter! We here at The Hacktory can think of a million things we could do with such a lovely piece equipment… can you? To win all you need to do […]

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A Shiny Valentine’s Day

Did anyone spot any LED flowers today? A group of us got together to create Ji Sun Lee’s Moonlit Flower on Saturday. Everyone had a great time stitching unique soft circuit parts from aniomagic into wearable works of art. Check out our photos to see all the colorful creations on our flickr. We are all […]

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