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Jamming a Bluetooth Headset into a Retro Telephone Handset

I had a pretty ugly pink bluetooth headset that I’d never gotten around to using (mostly because it was pink). I was thinking of converting an old traditional push-button desktop telephone into an ‘internet phone’ when it occurred to me that the phone headset was the only important part. As you dial an internet phone […]

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A Legitimate Waste of Time

Tinkering artist Tim Eads’ butter and toast machine, titled “A Legitimate Waste of Time” is at FLUXspace through the 15th of May so you only have a little time to see it along with his other “inventive” works. Hat Tip Philadelphia Weekly

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“First Shopped Machine”: One Man’s Pinball Restoration Project

One way to keep in tinkering mode is to have a long term project like the one Mike S. has started. He’s purchased an old pinball machine and is not only teaching himself how to refurbish it but he is blogging about every step. So if you’re interested in starting just such a project, or […]

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Hacking the Gender Gap Resource List

Projects that train and/or support women coders and sysadmins: PyStar: Python Programming Workshops for Women and Their Friends. RailsBridge:  Ruby on Rails inclusive communities. GNOME Foundation Outreach Program for Women:  3 month, work-from-home, paid internships with open source projects An Archive of Our Own, archive of transformative works.  Large number of women coders. Dreamwidth: a […]

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Get All Medieval On Your Associates!

This mini-crossbow, as seen at Journey Into Unschooling looks like it could be modified just a bit to be completely sourced from your friendly neighborhood office cubicle. Maybe replace the clothes pin with a binder clip and you will be ready to take it once more unto the breach!

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